Art Snacks June Review

It' hereeee!!!! :D 

It' hereeee!!!! :D 

The Art Snacks June box is here! And that too just at the perfect time when A’s summer camp has just started! Which means…. I was able to open my box toddler free (thus all the pics!) and my little candy snack is still sitting on my desk! Woohoo!

Here’s a list of the art goodies this month:

-Faber-Castell PITT artist big brush pen 

-K-12 by KRINK 

- Caran d’Ache Grafik Pencils

- KUM 4 in 1 sharpener

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A few months back, when I was still pregnant with baby Z, I was sitting in the waiting room at the midwives office, waiting for my turn. On the TV they had a video playing of the ocean waves hitting these small rocks, that image just stuck with me, it was the most relaxing thing in my day! I’ve always had an attraction to the ocean or any water body really, so I guess it made sense for this to be the next piece that I would work on!

The initial sketch.

The initial sketch.

I put down my initial; very rough sketch with the HB Pencil, which I actually don’t have anything much to say about, its got a nice pop of color on it, and it is a good quality pencil, but really not something I’m in love with!

I then started rendering my little rocks with the Big brush pen, it’s a great quality marker. Its lightfast, and you can achieve a wide range of marks and strokes with it. Like the Sumi Pen in last months box it’s got high-quality black ink. For me the biggest difference is that the Big Brush Pen is easily available, and that too, in a few colors!

Once I was done with the rocks, for now at least, I started working on the water with the Krink K-12. Now, this tool I actually have a lot to say about! So this marker was actually for graffiti artist, it’s got a nice small casing to carry around with you. It writes on absolutely any surface!! (How awesome is that!?) And best part of it all its re-fillable! Now the K-12 has gotten a bit of a bad rep from non- graffiti artist, for a few reasons:

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

1.     Its not that easy to use! I agree with this point, I’ve used whiteout pens, which have a more easily squeezable body! It’s really hard to squeeze that ink out!!!  And you need to realllllyyyy shake that ink! Not just a quick shake but, you gotta spend a few minutes giving it a nice good shake, before you can get to work with it. You can see the color inside the casing mixing up, so that’s a good guide to go by.

2.    ‘It’s only good for drips’…. So don’t agree with this! Now as I mentioned earlier this is a tool made for graffiti artist essentially, getting nice fine lines and drips would be one of the main requirements. But I feel I was able to really push the limits of this material and achieve very different results with it.

That’s one of the things I love about the Art Snack’s boxes, they introduce you to new materials around which you wouldn’t necessarily pick by your self had you seen it at a shop. And it makes you really play with the material to see what the possibilities are!

So at first I really just put down some ink, with not too much thought… and then with water I started washing it down…. The ink washes beautifully, the color remains very vibrant, and a little bit of ink goes a really really long way!!! Once I had done this to the desired area I let it dry… (Trying to use ink on the wet piece didn’t turn out too well!). And then I went to work on it again giving the water some more details, this time I didn’t wash it down I wanted to let my marks stay visible and have a darker shade of purple in the water. I used my Krink to finish of the water, did some shading on the sky with my HB pencil and that was it! I’m happy with the piece and I’m so excited to find a new material that I like! I have it in other colors in my amazon cart already! :D

FullSizeRender 8.jpg

A few tips to work with the Krink K-12

1.     Give it a good shake!!!

2.     Press the nib down on a hard surface to get the ink going

3.     When dry it has a glossy finish

4.     Washes down beautifully

5.     Keep cleaning the tip in-between use; it keeps the ink flowing well. And especially once done working with the pen.

The KUM sharpener, I actually didn’t need at all for this piece, and only tried it out to be able to write about it in the blog! It sharpens well and I do like the idea of having four different sizes in one place!


Hope that helps…happy inking! :)

The final piece. 

The final piece. 

Where to easily get you'r hands on these goodies: