20 years....

For the last year, the term ’twenty years’ keeps ringing in my head; those two small words seem to bring such a heavy feeling.

It's very strange to think about how long its been, when you think of '20 years' it feels like such a long, long.... long time ago. Two decades. So much that has happened, so much that has changed. The greater part of my life is those 20 years... but it doesn't feel like it was as long ago as it sounds. 

The memories of 20 years ago are so fresh in my head, each one carefully woven inside and double knotted in place. 

I created this piece in my first year of college at IVSAA, for my 'Abba' (father) who passed away 20 years ago today. I did it by first creating transparencies of old pictures of him, birthday and postcards that he had given to my sisters and I. I then layered the transparencies, working directly on them with soft chalk pastels and acrylic paint. I also scratched away some areas, with a steel edge scale... perhaps there is an easier way to remove the ink but at that time that’s what I had!

It's always been one of my favorite pieces that is very close to my heart, may not be the most successful, but this piece wasn't about that. Making it was kind of a journey that I needed to take, and a tribute that was long over due.

20 years can be a really long time, or it can just be yesterday....