Dog Tail Coat Hanger- DIY

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Talk about eye sore! 

Talk about eye sore! 

I know it’s been ages since I blogged, as always I’ve been swamped with just about everything! Well what better way to come back then with a DIY?!

A few months into ‘jacket weather’, and this ugly pile of jackets always lying in the corner of the house, had me thinking we need a coat hanger.

The original ikea dog tails i was gifted.

The original ikea dog tails i was gifted.

So when I saw these IKEA dog tail hooks, posted on my local ‘Buy Nothing’ Facebook page, I had to request them, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them! And if you aren’t familiar with the Buy nothing groups, you need to Google it and facebook your local one, NOW!


Lucky me I was chosen to receive this gift, yaay! And then another awesome member of the same community offered her husband’s help when I was looking for a piece of wood for the project. He made this custom piece, in the size I needed… how nice is that?!


'A' helping out! 

'A' helping out! 

So materials all in hand, I got to work.


1.     I first lightly sanded my hooks, so my base paint sticks to the surface a little better. Very easy step as you can see even ‘A’ helped with this part!

2.     Next we did two layers of white gesso. We did a pretty messy application, as I wanted texture in my final result.

3.     Be patient! We set our dog tails aside to let them dry, especially with the thick paint it will take a while.

4.     Put two coats of gesso on the wood, again I wanted a rough surface so I was not at all careful about applying my paint evenly.

5.     Here I ran out of patience! Both the kids were asleep by this point and I wanted my project done and up on the wall! So I used my heat gun to dry it.  If you use this method please be sure to keep your heat source moving, do not over heat any particular area as it will crack.

6.     I then used an old fan brush to apply the blue paint. Even when I destroy my brushes and the bristles are all stuck together, I don’t throw them as they are great for stuff like this when you want texture. But if you don’t have an old one a dry fan brush will also do the job well. DO NOT PUT WATER! This if very important, you will not be able to get this rough texture if you use water with your brush.

7.     Give it a few minutes to dry and then I used an old gift card, (again one of the things I like to collect for textures) take your white acrylic paint and apply it onto your board, with the card. Its up to you how much blue you want showing, using your card or something similar create a nice texture on your board through which your blue paint peeps through.

8.     Set your wood aside and get back to your dog tails, by now the base gesso would be dry. Apply two coats of copper metallic acrylic paint, (let dry between coats). Two coats was enough for me but if you feel like you need a third go right ahead!

9.     Use one dog tail at a time for this step. Once my copper paint was dry, I mixed a nice deep brown color with my Acrylics and using little water I covered up the surface.

10. Using a paper towel very roughly wipe of the brown paint, to your liking. Because of the texture that we created in the first few steps, the dark paint sticks in certain areas giving the dog tails a light antique look.

11. Your dog tails are complete now! So get back to the board, I wanted to add some more texture so very lightly I used my sand paper on the piece and that was it!

12. Time for the hardest part of the project; getting the screws to be aligned!! Best advice I can give you here, measure, measure and then measure again! I first just placed by dog tails on the board to see where I want them all to be; how far apart, centered or not? I choose not to center them.  Starting with the middle one, I found it helpful to place a crayon in the hole where the screw will rest, when I put the dog tail back into place the crayon marked the spot where the screw needs to go! Yaay!  Double check it’s in the right place before you go ahead and screw it in! Once the middle one is in measure and align the remaining two.


And that’s it your work is done! Place the dog tails on their spots and hang up your piece on the wall, step back and admire your craftiness! I love how this project turned out and how everything just fell into place for it!

It’s a pretty easy project and really the only thing you can go wrong with, is placing the screws!

So have fun with it, and ;let me know if you have any questions!