Small steps and blessings!


When we moved to the US a bit over a year ago, I sold/gave away/left behind all of my art, all my art materials, everything really! We came with only what could fit in 4 suitcases!

Packing up our home was an interesting experience, I didnt think I would respond to it in the manner that I did. Going through objects and clothes etc., giving away items, was more of a cleansing experience. But when it came to my art, that was A LOT more harder then I would have ever thought, it felt like I was leaving little pieces of me behind, I did not expect all those emotions to come up, as I gave away piece after piece, years and years of work. 

When I landed here, my non-existent art studio was empty! So, I restarted everything from scratch, and it was a nerve wrecking process! Making that huge investment all over again, starting a whole new body of work, figuring out where and what to do to get my work out! When a call for the Sammamish Art Fair came out, I thought it would be the perfect stepping stone, so I applied.... And then I thought I was mad to do so! I had literally two finished pieces, I had family coming to visit and I had two little kids! How the heck was I planning to pull this off?! Even when I told my family that I've applied the first thing they asked me was... Are you mad??? Yes! Just the right amount! 

I cannot emphasize enough how glad I am that I took this step! In all my years of being a practicing artist, I truly think this was one of my best experiences yet!   

From L tp R- Cameron Cooper, Daniel CautrellJoe McConnell, Kirstin Kunhardt

I got to meet such amazing artist, in all different mediums. It was such a blessing to be surrounded by such positive, wonderful and supportive artist! Artist who, are excited about each others work, those who offer you support in anyway they can! It really is such a blessing! 

For my debut into the Art world on this side of the globe, this was a great event for me to have the opportunity to network, meet curators and artist who I would like to work with in the future. It was great event to talk to the audience, Sammamish really is such a friendly place and the people who came were so interested in learning more about your work and your story. Now Im usually not much of a talker, but I am trying really hard to break that habit and well nice people make it easy to do so!

From L tp R- Linda Gisbrecht, Robin Shealy, Mireillle Kools

 I had so many wonderful conversations that weekend! And as a MAJOR bonus, the sales were FANTASTIC!!! Being the first time I'm showing my work in this country I really wasn't expecting to sell as much as I did! What an amazing feeling!  :)


From L to R- Rebecca Goulder, Pamela Wickard

I left the event that weekend on a high, counting my blessings and patting myself on the back for taking this step! 



A Karachi sorta day.

I've started working on panel boards and i absolutely loveeeee them! 

I've started working on panel boards and i absolutely loveeeee them! 

Living in Seattle, rain is really not a big deal, you become used to it… you even stop noticing it! No it does not actually rain ALL the time like they show in Greys Anatomy! But it does rain quite a lot. 

But for last two months we've been having a dry spell with little to no rain... And temperatures reaching a Seattle record high. By this point we’re all desperate for rain!

Yesterday morning when I woke up it was a dark and cloudy morning, with a cool breeze and just that feeling of right before a storm. It reminded me Karachi monsoons, one of my favorite times of the year in Karachi. Of course, over here your street doesn't turn into a two day river! But I found myself suddenly feeling so nostalgic, missing that rain smell and just the pure joy that a monsoon rain brings. The break from the heat, the chai, the impromptu Pakoras or Halwa Poori.... Going up to the roof to soak in the rain.  

Rain in Karachi is so different, for a few short hours the whole city seems to come alive, people's moods are lifted, Offices and schools close! Yes, it comes with a lot of negatives too, but I still have always loved the rain in Karachi and how the city is transformed.

We were once stuck in traffic in the middle of a monsoon shower, cars had broken down and even the traffic signal had stopped working.... No one was going anywhere. And smack in the middle of all that suddenly there was a bunch of men dancing in the middle of the street!.... No, that's not going to happen in Seattle! 

Transferring my pattern. 

Transferring my pattern. 

Sitting with 'A' this morning listening to the clouds grumble, I kept sharing my excitement with him about the rain..... He really couldn't careless! And I realised then, it's not a big deal to him.... He only knows the common- not a big deal –Seattle rain.... He doesn't know, and probably will never know Karachi monsoons. 




The final piece.

The final piece.



P.S- I’m sorry about the missing steps in the work pics, in a moment of panic where my phone was out of memory I managed to delete a whole bunch of pics I actually needed :S uggghhhhh! 

So this is the artist panel i used for this painting:

But i've started using these ones instead:

20 years....

For the last year, the term ’twenty years’ keeps ringing in my head; those two small words seem to bring such a heavy feeling.

It's very strange to think about how long its been, when you think of '20 years' it feels like such a long, long.... long time ago. Two decades. So much that has happened, so much that has changed. The greater part of my life is those 20 years... but it doesn't feel like it was as long ago as it sounds. 

The memories of 20 years ago are so fresh in my head, each one carefully woven inside and double knotted in place. 

I created this piece in my first year of college at IVSAA, for my 'Abba' (father) who passed away 20 years ago today. I did it by first creating transparencies of old pictures of him, birthday and postcards that he had given to my sisters and I. I then layered the transparencies, working directly on them with soft chalk pastels and acrylic paint. I also scratched away some areas, with a steel edge scale... perhaps there is an easier way to remove the ink but at that time that’s what I had!

It's always been one of my favorite pieces that is very close to my heart, may not be the most successful, but this piece wasn't about that. Making it was kind of a journey that I needed to take, and a tribute that was long over due.

20 years can be a really long time, or it can just be yesterday....