Small steps and blessings!


When we moved to the US a bit over a year ago, I sold/gave away/left behind all of my art, all my art materials, everything really! We came with only what could fit in 4 suitcases!

Packing up our home was an interesting experience, I didnt think I would respond to it in the manner that I did. Going through objects and clothes etc., giving away items, was more of a cleansing experience. But when it came to my art, that was A LOT more harder then I would have ever thought, it felt like I was leaving little pieces of me behind, I did not expect all those emotions to come up, as I gave away piece after piece, years and years of work. 

When I landed here, my non-existent art studio was empty! So, I restarted everything from scratch, and it was a nerve wrecking process! Making that huge investment all over again, starting a whole new body of work, figuring out where and what to do to get my work out! When a call for the Sammamish Art Fair came out, I thought it would be the perfect stepping stone, so I applied.... And then I thought I was mad to do so! I had literally two finished pieces, I had family coming to visit and I had two little kids! How the heck was I planning to pull this off?! Even when I told my family that I've applied the first thing they asked me was... Are you mad??? Yes! Just the right amount! 

I cannot emphasize enough how glad I am that I took this step! In all my years of being a practicing artist, I truly think this was one of my best experiences yet!   

From L tp R- Cameron Cooper, Daniel CautrellJoe McConnell, Kirstin Kunhardt

I got to meet such amazing artist, in all different mediums. It was such a blessing to be surrounded by such positive, wonderful and supportive artist! Artist who, are excited about each others work, those who offer you support in anyway they can! It really is such a blessing! 

For my debut into the Art world on this side of the globe, this was a great event for me to have the opportunity to network, meet curators and artist who I would like to work with in the future. It was great event to talk to the audience, Sammamish really is such a friendly place and the people who came were so interested in learning more about your work and your story. Now Im usually not much of a talker, but I am trying really hard to break that habit and well nice people make it easy to do so!

From L tp R- Linda Gisbrecht, Robin Shealy, Mireillle Kools

 I had so many wonderful conversations that weekend! And as a MAJOR bonus, the sales were FANTASTIC!!! Being the first time I'm showing my work in this country I really wasn't expecting to sell as much as I did! What an amazing feeling!  :)


From L to R- Rebecca Goulder, Pamela Wickard

I left the event that weekend on a high, counting my blessings and patting myself on the back for taking this step! 



Art Snacks June Review

The Art Snacks June box is here! And that too just at the perfect time when A’s summer camp has just started! Which means…. I was able to open my box toddler free (thus all the pics!) and my little candy snack is still sitting on my desk! Woohoo!

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To new beginnings...

This past year has been a really eventful one for my family and me. It started off with us packing up our house in Karachi, Pakistan and moving across the globe to Seattle, Washington. While living at my mum's place, job hunting and being surrounded by 7 unpacked suitcases we also found out we were expecting baby number 2! It was a tough year of really not knowing what’s happening with your life, but here i am a year later sitting in our own apartment... 7 suitcases unpacked, art work hanging up on the walls (well mostly!), Mr.O (lets just call him that, I’m not a fan of the word 'hubby')  at work and kids in their room playing (one of those rare moments!). I can now comfortably say that we have finally settled into our new lives! 

 It was hard to work during the last year between having life as we knew it turned upside down, moving, packing, unpacking, being pregnant, house hunting, job hunting, etc. etc.!!! My head just wasn’t in the right place to work so I pretty much took a yearlong break... it wasn’t really intentional but just happened. A month after having baby Z, life finally seemed to have settled down again and I just wanted to get back to my work! But here’s the thing, when you work for your self, its hard to make your self get up and work. When you have a job, you have a day that your maternity leave ends, there are deadlines and work hours that you have to stick to. But when you work for your self; once you get a break from the house and the kids... whose goanna stop you from collapsing on the couch in front of some good Ol' mindless TV!? 

Working late into the night with Baby Z sleeping on the side :)

Working late into the night with Baby Z sleeping on the side :)

After moving here I joined some artist communities, and groups, one of which was ArtEast; so far I’ve found it really useful. During this slump of mine, there was an artist call through ArtEast for artwork for a book cover. I don’t want to name the title of the book since its still in the publishing stages, but it was a compilation of short stories about women, running away from their lives (in short!).  The book spoke to me and immediately I had some ideas for it, and I thought it was the perfect thing to get me back into my work. Best part was I had a deadline! So finally I got the TV off and back into work! And I lovedddd it! I remembered all the reasons I love working and all the reasons why I need to make time for my art. Even if it meant staying up late in the night and working with a small desk lamp in a corner of your room while the rest of the house is sleeping, it is worth it, because you know what, it makes me a happier, nicer person!!! 

At the end, my sketch for the book cover wasn't chosen, and it was disappointing; as this field can sometimes be! Every piece of art you make, its a piece of you that you put out there to be judged and scrutinized, and it can be hard sometimes, but also so rewarding! 

Love this quote and how Jenny over at Coo & Co has beautifully designed it! 

Love this quote and how Jenny over at Coo & Co has beautifully designed it! 

“Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it.  While they are deciding, make even more art.” - Andy Warhol

The finished piece! 

The finished piece! 

Done using Sakura ink pen set and winston newton inks.